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DaVinci 45G Thumbnail

DaVinci 45G

The DaVinci sockets for high speed test offer a revolutionary solution for production ruggedness and signal integrity. The unique IM material used in DaVinci’s construction permits a truly coaxial structure from tip to tip, yielding the industry-leading bandwidths available from a highly compliant contactor More

K2TVA Thermopad® Thumbnail

K2TVA Thermopad®

The K2TVA product family is the latest in next-generation Thermopad® product from Smiths Interconnect. This temperature variable chip attenuator provides unparalleled gain compensation in Ku, K, and Ka bands in an easy to implement totally passive wire-bondable package. More

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Volta Series Probe Heads

Smiths Interconnect’s Volta Series provides a cost-effective, high performance alternative to cantilever and vertical probe card technologies.” It’s not much different but really does describe what we’re offering. More